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Emma Justine
Color & Extension


We will have your extension ordered and ready to be colored (if needed) or installed when you come in.

We will color your hair if that was discussed in your initial consultation.

We will color/glaze your crown if needed.       

We will then shampoo your natural hair as well as your crown.       

We will completely blow out both your natural hair and the crown.

We will then place the crown and start the bonding process. 

After doing the first few bonds we will start to integrate your natural hair through the net at the top of the crown.

After all the natural hair at the top is integrated, we will finish the bonding process.

Once the bonding is complete, we will then cut the crown into a style that you have requested or add in layering to make sure everything looks natural and has movement.

We will style as desired and then take after photos of your new look!

You will need to come in with clean, dry hair.

We will then bond all the way around the ring, in-between the initial bonds.

We will then style the hair as desired. 

We will remove your crown using a bond remover and a tapping motion.

Once all the bonds are removed, we will brush out your natural hair and check the health of your scalp. 

We might also recommend any necessary changes in maintenance at home, such as – a better way to shampoo, rinse or pull your natural hair through the top.       

We will then move on to coloring your natural hair and/or crown if needed.       

We will replace the bonding ring, shampoo, and style your crown.       

Once the color portion of the appointment is finished and your natural hair is dry, we will then replace and re-bond the crown in the same manner as with the initial appointment and style as desired. 

You will only want to shampoo your hair one to two times a week. 

We recommend shampooing upside down, if possible, to prevent the natural hair from being pushed into the netting. This is not a requirement but just make sure you are diligent about bringing your natural hair through the top again. 

The hair is high quality and has a little texture to it so it will hold style easily. The crown will hide any natural oils on your scalp, so your hair will not look like it needs to be shampooed. 

After shampooing with recommend shampoo and treating with recommend mask, use any leave in and/or styling products. 

You MUST dry hair completely. Using a wet brush or whatever brush your stylist recommended. You wouldn’t want to use a comb, round brush, or any brush with stiff bristles as it might damage the netting and result in having to send the crown in for repair or having to replace it all together. 

You MUST bring your natural hair through the net at the top daily. If this is not done daily, it can cause itching due to build up and matting of the natural hair. 

Brush your hair every day to keep it clean and detangled. 

When using heat tool make sure that the heat is on a setting no more then 350* and that you always use the heat protection product that your stylist has recommended for you. 

When sleeping: Apply the recommended oil, brush it through and wear your hair in a braid or low pony to prevent tangling. 

This method integrates a micro-fine, nearly “invisible” hair net into you existing hair. A special bonding ring, made from a crystal polymer material, is gently worked into your hair. This piece has high-grade human hair attached to it, which matches your existing color and length. 

The system is adapted for your specific needs and is completely custom for you.

Every 3-4 weeks, we recommend the “Mini tightening”. During a quick 15–30-minute appointment, we will tighten the hair piece, and will answer questions and help with styling tips.  

We recommend A Full Maintenance Service to happen 6-8 weeks from the original application. We will remove the Crown and replace the bonding ring. We will condition the hair, color your natural hair and/or color the Crown if needed. We will then reapply the Crown back into your hair.

Unlike hairpieces or wigs, Crown Extensions are permanently attached to the hair and can be worn for 9-12 months at a time, with regular salon and at home maintenance. 

With Crown Extensions, there are no limitations to a normal lifestyle – swimming or even riding in a convertible is no problem!  

You just want to follow the advice given by your stylist regarding these activities.

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